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Nov. 15-22, 2021


July 15-18, 2021


April 10-17, 2021


I am a journalistic-style filmmaker aiming to create the most beautiful and authentic film that captures and portrays all the special moments and feelings from your day.

I've tried so many different hobbies, career paths, and nothing else has really given me as much enjoyment and fulfillment as making wedding films. It's wild that I get tears in my eyes when I'm making my couples' films. I'm so grateful I get to say that. It's such a SURREAL thing to meet so many couples in love and to create everlasting heirlooms for them. 

I come from a successful background of bartending and I've gained great communication skills, an extremely sharp and creative mind, the ability to multi-task and handle stress with charm, and so, so much more. I'm here as your advocate + friend to deal with all the stressful stuff so I can keep you grounded! All while filming your wedding day.

I've got the cutest little family that consists of my beautiful girlfriend, Korbyn, and our adorable corgi, Maple! You'll find us at home watching trash-tv like Love Island UK(thanks, Korbyn.), at a dog park petting all the pups, or at home creating! I like to daydream about catching up on the latest and greatest pc games, anime & manga, too. I'll get to indulge one of these days...

Here's a bit about me!

hi there, i'm jason.

let me be your guide.

There's so many things I want to do: Get back into mountain-biking, go off-roading in my Xterra more and take ALL the camping trips, see ALL the national parks, and so much more. I'm a huge dreamer and I'll make it all happen. Slowly but surely! :)

Lately I've been getting into pickleball SOO if you happen to play, then hit me up!

If you think we'd vibe well then I'd love for you to reach out! Cheers! :)

In respecting and caring for others and our planet. Pack in, pack out. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Don't judge anyone based on what they look like, what they believe in, and especially not by who they love.

In being authentic. Be unique, be weird...you do you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I just hope I'm lucky enough to come along for the ride.

Traveling is good for the soul. You can gain new outlooks on life, new friends, and a newfound appreciation for who you are.
Fresh air, dirt, sunlight, and the wind in your hair - let's adventure together.

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